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From USA to Lakshadweep

The beautiful islands of Lakshadweep have got its first local Radio Amateur recently. The new local Radio Star of Lakshadweep is Aboobaker...
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Antenna Workshop Ham Training Kolhapur Healthcare & Medical Camp  Ham Stations & Rigs  Ham Seminar  HF/VHF CONNECTIVITY

Kolhapur Camp

Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp (KMHC) is an annual event which began in 2004 and is being continuously carried out till date....
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In the world of Ham or Amateur Radio, there is an activity called ‘Fox Hunt’. In it, a specific transmitter that is...
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Events of ARCAD

For the education, enhancement and progress of our Club members, we regularly conduct various Meetings, Workshops and Training Programs.  These events are held at various places, at...
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Frequency Bands

During the early days of radio, frequencies within 30 MHz were considered ‘high’ frequencies. The understanding as well as the component construction,...
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Buying your first RIG 

After studying the necessary technicalities from electronics and rules and regulations, you have cleared the Amateur Station Operator Certification. Now, it is...
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