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Terms and Conditions

Terms By downloading, accessing and/or using the ( hereinafter called ‘Website’ or ‘Application’, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms...
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Privacy Policy

This website is maintained by Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management, hereafter referred to as AADM. User Privacy is important to us. Likewise,...
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About AADM

Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM) is a non-profit organization incorporated in Mumbai, India with ‘disaster management‘ as its principal objective. The...
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Introduction to Ham Radio

We are all aware that, nowadays, we can easily communicate using various apps through mobile phones and desktops. These apps also facilitate...
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Why Morse?

The word ‘communication’ has its origins in the Latin words Communis and Communicare. While Communis means something that is common and meant...
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In the world of Ham or Amateur Radio, there is an activity called ‘Fox Hunt’. In it, a specific transmitter that is...
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