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Events of ARCAD

For the education, enhancement and progress of our Club members, we regularly conduct various Meetings, Workshops and Training Programs. These events are held at various places, at different locations, in order to get more local people involved.  

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Arcad Club Also conducts Annual Meetings in order to get the members interact with each other. As the QTH of club is at Link Apartment, Khar West, Majority of the official meetings are conducted at the QTH.  

Antenna Workshops are conducted at various different places in order get more involvement of Local Hams.  

Few Mega events are conducted in Govidyapitham area near Karjat which is away from city light and crowd an also with no QRM, what so ever, especially on VHF & UHF.   Apart from these Events, ARCAD Club also provides communication support to our Sanstha’s mega events like medical Camps, Blood Donation Camps and management support for local authorities in the events like Ganesh Visarjan, Pandharpur Yatra etc.  

Also, we regularly send our Hams to various Ham events across India like Hamfest, Global Event at NIAR, Lamkaan.   

Also, we support to various Ham Clubs across country. We supported PUNE HAMS in their UHF Repeater installation and Maintenance. In one small incidence, West Bengal Ham Club at Kolkota approached us to find the details of one person they found in Kolkota. With the help of our team, we are successful in finding his home and helping the person send back to his family.  

Our Team Members are regularly receiving ISS Image data via SSTV. 

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