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In the world of Ham or Amateur Radio, there is an activity called ‘Fox Hunt’. In it, a specific transmitter that is transmitting signals on a particular frequency at regular intervals is hidden at a certain place. The participants are required to find it out with the help of their radio (mainly VHF or UHF handy) and Yagi antenna. The hidden transmitter is called ‘Fox’, the amateurs who try to find the Fox are termed ‘Fox Hunters’ and the exercise is known as ‘Fox Hunt’. 

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Thus, Fox Hunt is an exercise to search for the direction of the transmitting waves. We receive the signals on our radio station. Being a Ham, we must know how to find the direction of coming signals. This direction-finding exercise or the Fox Hunt exercise enables the participants to learn how to listen and analyse the received signals. This knowledge is essential when we are in unknown territory, remote place or especially in the case of a disaster. 

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