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Why Morse?

The word ‘communication’ has its origins in the Latin words Communis and Communicare. While Communis means something that is common and meant...
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Morse Code

MORSE CODE- INVENTOR OF MORSE CODE  Morse Code is a code language used in wireless telegraphy or radiotelegraphy. It is named after...
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Distress call sent in Morse


LC oscillator to make Morse Code audible.


Three letter codes used as an abbrevation of commonly used statements while communicating on Ham Radio. All these codes were intially used...
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Introduction to Ham Radio

We are all aware that, nowadays, we can easily communicate using various apps through mobile phones and desktops. These apps also facilitate...
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Workshops are regularly conducted by the ARCAD Club to make every Ham independent as well as self-sufficient. ARCAD holds various workshops that...
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How to become a Ham

With all the basic information about Ham radio, we are now ready actually to step into the world of Ham.  To be...
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